Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is Mysticwynd Blowing Your Way?

Chances are good you are a blog reader of Mysticwynd or a follower if you've ever belonged either of the most popular bloger teams on Etsy, BESTeam and EtsyBloggers. Karen, a leader, writer and team player has a wonderfully written and witty blog. I found the very first entry on her blog:
Thursday, March 19, 2009
Welcome to my little piece of blog heaven! I hope you will find my musings entertaining, thought provoking, informative, and addicting! Be sure to come back often both to read and to check out some of my favorite handmade things as I will be featuring some of my favorite items from a variety of handmade sites -including my shop at Etsy ( )

She's been true to her words, providing her blog readers thoughtful wisdom while promoting handmade crafts wholeheartedly.

Her shop of the same name on Etsy offers a wide variety of jewelry - eclectic, distinctive, and often one of a kind. You're sure to find something for your needs among her handcrafted artisan necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, accessories, and gift items.

Today I want to show you some of my favorite pieces from her shop.

Blue Green Foiled Glass Bead Bracelet - Fantastic Foil

Pink Rose Floral Glass w Pearl Necklace - Claire

Sterling Silver Gilded Seashell Necklace - Siren's Song

Turquoise Enchantment - Necklace, Bracelet, and Earrings

Karen is an active member of the Etsy community and enjoys promoting many of the wonderful Etsy shops. She also loves to share her thoughts and ideas about life and the world around us. If you have any questions, feel free to contact her through her blog.

Today I'm going to post this feature on both of my blogs, RJ Design Hut and Etsy's Got Talent. Feel free to leave a comment. Contact me if you'd like to be featured on my blogs.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Etsy's Got Talent is Here!

Yes, Etsy's Got Talent has finally arrived. The grand winner is going to win a million dollars at the end of the season. Just joking!!! My new blog 'Etsy's Got Talent' is up and running though. In short I call it EGT. It can be accessed both at and

Why did I start another blog? The reason is simple. I want to construct a shop directory of the best shops for Etsy shoppers and lovers. I call it the unofficial Etsy shop directory, an alternative way to shop Etsy. More categories are going to be added and refined on a regular basis. I've been working very hard on all the graphics I use on the blog. Shop and artist features are soon to follow. It's a growing process and I'm planning to add many more fun features to EGT.

It's a daunting task by any standard. It will take me a long time and a great deal of work to reach that goal. And of course I can't do it without help. I'm asking my blog readers to pitch in.

Here is how you can help:

♥ *Contact me if you want to be added to the directory (if you're a seller on Etsy) or when you discover new shops and I'll add it to the directory

♥ Promote EGT your own way, blog it, share it, tweet it... Send me feedback when you can so I'm aware of your effort

♥ Follow EGT and leave comments when you see something you're interested in

Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

Let's start discovering!

* Shops in EGT's directory are subject to approval at this point. Click here to see my full disclaimer.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Etsy Lovers: How Much Do You Really Know about Etsy?

Hello to all Etsy lovers! How much do you really know about Etsy? Have you ever tried to find out? I did and found many interesting facts. I had no idea before I went searching. I really had fun collecting all the information. Thanks to Wikipedia, which contributed to most of my success.

Please leave me a comment if you know any other fun facts of etsy. I'll be glad to add it to the list.

1. Etsy was launched on June 18, 2005.

2. Etsy is pronounced like Betsy, without the B of course.

3. Etsy was founded by iospace, a small company composed of Robert Kalin, Chris Maguire and Haim Schoppik.

4. Etsy was named for Rob’s maternal grandmother.

5. Jared Tarbell programmed all the flash features that make Etsy so beautiful.

6. There are no auctions on Etsy, only fixed price sales.

7. Etsy is popular as a side-business as well as a place to buy goods made from recycled and upcycled materials, along with less expensive or more unusual versions of mass-produced items

8. Along with handmade products, people on Etsy sell vintage items, homemade sweets, and craft supplies.

9. Etsy is one of the main members of the Handmade Consortium, a 2007 effort to encourage buying handmade holiday gifts.

10. In April 2009, users organized an "etsyday" promotion on Twitter that brought extra attention to the site.

11. As of May 2009, it has approximately 60 employees and sales of $10 to 13 million per month.

12.  In December 2010, Etsy said it had seven million registered users and $400 million in transactions for the year.

13. The average sale on Etsy is about $15 to $20 and mostly sold by women, who tend to be college-educated and in their twenties and thirties.

14. There is no charge to join Etsy. If you wish to sell here, we charge you only 20¢ to list an item, and take only 3.5% commission from each sale.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Blog is One Month Old!!!

Time has flown by since I started my blog. It's been a very good month: 20 blogs, 762 views from 10 different countries, 18 followers at this moment... A terrific start for a newbie! I want to thank everybody who has helped me grow along the way: my readers, my followers, my etsy team members...

A special thank goes to my etsy BESTeam captain, Karen (Mysticwynd). She has been such a good mentor for me and I've learned so much from her. She is a firm believer that we should always strive to do just a little better than our personal best - and that you should never expect something for nothing. Please take a moment to read one of her most recent blogs.

Sunday Afternoon Reflections 02.13.11 Promise Yourself

Now it's time for some fun stuff I discovered on etsy. You may find some of them a little different. That's totally fine. They can be fun and different at the same time, right? I had fun finding these and I hope you will too.

Handmade Gift Hang Tags - WEIRD FISHES Mix (set of 5)

And this one is for cat lovers!

Cat Print Mini Wallet

Here is a fun idea for your bathroom...

Vinyl decal The Outhousehttp

I think this puzzle is a great keepsake for newly weds.

Wood Wedding Puzzle (guest book)

Okay, I admit, this one is a little more different, funny though.

Now the sheep soap is really cute.

And I love these handmade bowls.

Goldilocks bowl set medium

I hope you enjoyed my fun finds on etsy. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below or by clicking 'Contact' on the menu bar.